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MotorScrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans your washrooms, showers, stairs, skirting / base boards, windows, swimming pools, motor vehicles and other hard to clean areas.

Here is why...


Super portable, you can use
it anywhere; stairs, swimming
pools, motor vehicles, ideal
for all hard to reach areas.


The MotorScrubber is 100%
waterproof and submersible in
water with no shock risk due to
its extra low safe voltage.

*Guidelines Apply


A real workhorse with an
impressive 4 hours runtime
from one charge. Taking only 8
hours to fully re-charge.


The reliable high torque motor
allows for fantastic washing,
polishing and cleaning results
upto 4 metres high.


Weighing only 2kg (4.5kg with
the harness) it is extremely
lightweight use yet heavy duty
in its construction.


Using the highest quality,
durable components every
MotorScrubber is proudly
manufactured in the UK.

The Ultimate Cordless,
High Torque, Lightweight,

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machine

Small Machine


 Your standard model MotorScrubber (BMS-2000M) starter kit includes:

Motorhead complete with hub,
backpack harness

12 volt battery, battery charger

telescopic handle

medium duty brush,

pad holder,
green scrubbing pad,

red cleaning pad,

white buffing pad and

microfibre pad.


Motorscrubber kit

Soft Rubber Grab Handle for Extra Control

4 Pads

Back Pack

Battery Harness and Charger

Interchangable heads



Microfibre Cleaning Pad

Green Scrubbing Pad

Red Spray Cleaning Pad

Sponge Disc

Black Stripping Pad

Blue Cleaning Pad

White Dry Buffing Pad

Pad Holder (Drive Plate)

Medium Duty Cleaning Brush
BMS-1041. Cleans all smooth and textured floors and tiles.
Tile & Grout Brush
BMS-1039TG. Abrasive filaments for deep cleaning tiles.
Delicate Surface Cleaning Brush
BMS-1038. Ideal for cleaning carpets, painted and wooden surfaces.
Aggressive Duty Cleaning Brush
BMS-1039P. Ideal for dirty concrete and exterior surfaces.
Anti-Splash Aggressive Duty Brush
BMS-1039SG. All the features of BMS-1039P plus an extra black ring to keep solution inside the brush.
Flagged Tip Long Bristle Brush
BMS-1044. Very delicate, ideal for dusting air vents or for vehicle cleaning.
Skirting/Base Board & Stair Brush
BMS-1048. The pad cleans the step while the bristles clean the uprise.
Short Handle 43cm
BMS-3003-15. 43cm solid handle (hand-held). *head not included
Medium Telescopic Handle 1.2m
BMS-3003-30. 84-125cm Telescopic Handle. *head not included
Long Telescopic Handle 2.2m
BMS-3003-50. 136-223cm Telescopic Handle. *head not included
Splash Guard Asembly
BMS-3080. Comes with one small and one large rubber guard.
Battery & Harness Complete
BMS-3011N. Battery and complete harness, with new carry handle and charger pouch.
Carry Bag
BMS-3065. Handy carry bag to transport the motorscrubber.
Accessory Bag
BMS-3060. The perfect place to store all your pads and brushes.
750cm Extension Cable
BMS-1025. 12V DC 750cm extension cable.
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E. D. Oates Pty Ltd grew from the original A. A. Oates broom factory that operated in North Melbourne before the First World War. Starting with cotton mops in 1930, Edgar Oates, his father Albert and brothers Bert and Lawrence worked through the tough years of the great depression with Edgar and Lawrence then serving their country in the Second World War. In the post war years the product range was steadily expanded and production facilities improved. A reputation amongst trade buyers as a reliable supplier of quality products was firmly established in all markets.


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